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Fall Registration is still happening!

Email us if you would like a payment plan!


New to D.E.S

Baby & Mom
Stretch & Flex

Tuesdays &

Stretch & Tone

Mondays &


Adult Dance: 
Ballet/Lyrical, Tap, Hip-Hop, Jazz


What does your studio have to offer? Why should I choose D.E.S?
We offer classes ages 0-100. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the dance world! We are also more than just a dance studio, we want to have a family feel-that's why we do tons of events at our studio! We do a Halloween Hoopla, Puppy Yoga, Parent Night Outs, Date Night Dancing, Friends Night Dancing, Bring a Friend to Class & more.

My child is new to dance... I don't know if they will even like it. What do I do?
We have a FREE TRIAL CLASS to anyone who wants to come try it out! Find a class, message us and we'll get you all set up!

Do you offer adult classes?
Yes! We have adult jazz, ballet/lyrical, hip-hop and tap. We also have adult stretching/conditioning and prenatal stretching/conditioning. Busy schedule and can't commit? All of our adult classes are drop-in classes. Show up to as many as you'd like and we will bill you at the end of each month through the portal.

Do I have to stay or can I go run errands?
Either! We have a huge play room for siblings and coffee, tea and water for you.

How do I pay?
You simply go onto the portal and see how much you owe and click "pay"! Easy!

What is a "portal?" And how do I find it?
The           is our dance software that holds EVERYTHING! It's where you register, check classes, check schedules, look at class costumes/music, message teachers and pay! You can find our portal on the home page of website. Once you register, you can download the app (Dance Studio Pro) for quicker login and paying access.


Do you offer payment plans?
Yes. We split up your payment into 3rds and you pay every other month.                    and we will get you signed up.

What They Say

"My daughter and I have LOVED the Parent and Me class at DES! Miss Jensyn is a fabulous teacher - she is patient, fun, and has tailored the class in a way that is developmentally appropriate for toddlers and also adaptable to the needs of each student. My daughter loves to dance but can also be quite shy. She feels so comfortable with Miss Jensyn. She is encouraged to try new things but never pressured to participate if she’s not feeling up to it. As a former dancer myself, I really appreciate Miss Jensyn’s approach and feel like this is the best way to ease a young child into the dance class environment. I am so glad we found DES and I cannot recommend this studio enough for young dancers!!"


"D.E.S offers classes for all ages. I'm over 50 and started dancing again! It has really helped my flexibility, strength and overall wellness. I LOVE IT HERE!"


"I love the studio because of how comfortable my kids and I are there. They literally run in to the door to go inside, say hello, get water from what must be the most delicious water fountain in town (they're obsessed,) oh yeah.. do their classes! It feels like it was put together with families in mind, and we all have a place when we're there. Not to mention it is clean, bright and beautiful! We love Dance Expressions Studio."


"My daughter has loved dancing at D.E.S! She looks forward to dance every week. She is developing skills that she is proud of and using dance as a creative outlet at home as well." 


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