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Our Team

ms jensyn

Jensyn is 27 years old. She is a Hickman High graduate and she studied at MACC where she found college wasn’t for her. She then became a nanny for a wonderful family, who instantly became her family. Jensyn has practiced dance for 24 years, has been teaching dance for 12 years and she also competed in acrobatic gymnastics for 15 years. She has studied multiple dance genres along the way, such as ballet, tap, jazz and her favorite, lyrical! She loves teaching all ages lyrical because she loves how different each age group can be. She loves watching kids open up and become more comfortable with their bodies and to watch them achieve the smallest of things! She has been a part of many ballet productions, including The Nutcracker, and Alice and Wonderland. She has also directed and choreographed ballet productions, including Cats and The Wizard of Oz. Cats was incredibly special for her because her parents took her to see the Broadway production when she was 3. They had to then buy the video shortly after so she could watch it every day and learn all the dances. Since then, it was always a dream of hers to be a part of/direct Cats. When she was just 21 years old, she made that come true! It was her first ever ballet production and it couldn’t have been more fitting that it was Cats. Jensyn has always loved the family aspect of dance, the relationships with teachers and students and watching everyone grow. So when the time was right, she opened up D.E.S and couldn’t be happier to make her very own dance family. Some fun things about Jensyn are- she LOVES Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings/Hobbit! She has a dog and 2 cats, she loves crafting and decorating for a themed party! 

Jensyn is so excited to welcome everyone to the D.E.S family!!

ms ava

Ava is 21 years old and transferring from Mizzou to Columbia College to join the nursing school. She has been taking dance since she was 4 years old and she also competed in gymnastics and acrobatic gymnastics. She has practiced all styles of dance, but her favorite is lyrical! She is SO excited to teach the little tumblers at D.E.S because it was one of her favorite parts of gymnastics. Some fun things about Ava are- she is currently working as a veterinary technician and loves animals! She has a dog named Violet and they love to go on walks and go to the dog park. She also enjoys music, art and plants!

D.E.S is so happy to welcome Ava to our family!!

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